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Smart SecureCybercrime is more sophisticated than ever before, and companies are exposed to a wide range of new threats: ransomware attacks, phishing scams, data breaches, and more. The best practice for fighting this wave of cybercrime is to build a Security Operations Center (SOC). In a SOC, a dedicated team of security experts monitors threats throughout the organization, and uses cutting edge technology to detect and respond to attacks in real time. Only a SOC can handle the growing complexity of today’s cyber threats.

However, SOCs are expensive, complicated and far beyond the reach of all but the largest enterprises. Many businesses attempt to fill the gap with point solutions, but this approach leaves them exposed—and hackers are ready to exploit any vulnerability.

SmartSecure, meets this urgent business need. It is a dynamic combination of world class security experts and advanced machine learning, working together to provide actionable intelligence. With SmartSecure, businesses can achieve industry leading threat detection and response, with unlimited scale and affordable cost.

The SmartSecure Difference

Dedicated Security Expertise

Managers, facing limited budgets, can be tempted to assign cybersecurity responsibilities to general staff. But security is its own specialization, and simple technical expertise does not qualify an engineer to protect your organization. With SmartSecure, every company is supported by a trained and qualified security engineer, working exclusively to keep companies like yours safe.

  • Industry-certified experts
  • Dedicated to monitoring, testing, and remediation
  • Strategic security recommendations

Monthly External Vulnerability Assessments

Maintaining good security posture requires proactive measurement of unpatched vulnerabilities. With SmartSecure, you’ll receive monthly vulnerability assessments, highlighting actionable steps you can take to eliminate known attacks that exploit those vulnerabilities.

  • Regular analysis of cyber risk and security posture
  • Improve effectiveness of your patch lifecycle

Managed Threat Detection

The key to thwarting a cyberattack is prompt detection and effective response. SmartSecure uses a sophisticated SOC, machine learning technology, and human expertise to detect threats as they occur, and direct your organization in effective response

  • Hybrid AI – human-assisted machine learning
  • Behavioral analytics and threat intelligence
  • Log management and analysis
  • Unlimited policy customization

Security Incident Response and Crisis Support

Most of the time and money in security goes into incident detection and response. With dedicated security expertise we provide:

  • Remote analysis of security incidents
  • Prioritization and recommendation of remediation actions

24/7 Network Monitoring

Only round-the-clock network monitoring can detect anomalous activity and protect your company from cyberattacks. SmartSecure includes network sensors that monitor network flows and collects log data to identify zero-day threats.

  • 24/7 network monitoring
  • Real-time alerting

Compliance Reporting

We speed up compliance by producing the compliance reports required by each regulation and standard, reducing time and cost of audit preparation.

  • Customized reports for PCI, HIPPA, SOX and more
  • Instrumented for cybersecurity data science
  • Immediately operational with zero setup time

Cloud Monitoring

Monitors cloud resources via virtual sensors

  • Users
  • Apps
  • Data
  • Activity

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